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The GoldTan™ range is produced from high density forests near Nelson, the only high density growing region in the South Island. This equates to high strength posts, which are rigorously strength tested to withstand New Zealand conditions and to meet the demanding specifications of farmers and those working on the land. The range includes treatments from H4 for general fencing through to H6 for marine use.

GoldTan Benefits

Products carrying the GoldTan™ diamond are available exclusively at the Goldpine retail yards.

Proven Strength
GoldTan™ products are strong and durable and come from high density, mature clear fell forests which gives them an edge over other products.

A Fifty Year Guarantee
If your GoldTan™ product, used for its intended purpose, becomes unfit for use due to fungal or insect attack within 50 years of purchase, we will replace it, no fuss, no worries!

Clean to Touch
Since the preservative is carried into the wood in a water solution and is highly resistant, GoldTan™ Oxide posts are clean to touch and don't promote cribbing (licking by stock) as do salt treated posts and poles.

Low Corrosivity
Unlike Salt preservatives, GoldTan™ Oxide does not cause corrosion to wire products, staples, bolts, gudgeons and other metal fittings.

Tests show that GoldTan™ Oxide products have 5-7 times more electrical resistance than salt treated posts.


From full rounds to half and quarter round posts, we stock a full range of GoldTan™ products with treatments from H4 for general fencing through to H6 for marine use. See our specialised size charts for Sheep and Cattle, Dairy, Deer, and Viticulture for all of your fencing planning.

Within the GoldTan™ range, we also offer our unique Superpost™ range of posts and poles. Through regular testing and knowledge of the forests, Goldpine has pioneered the use of quarter rounds as alternatives to traditional round posts. Introduced in 2002, Superpost™ provides a new look for farm fencing that is better value for money and outperforms equivalent sized traditional posts in strength, ease of driving and availability.

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