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Welcome to Goldpine!

We’re a family-owned company that’s been operating for over 40 years in outdoor timber with our main goal of bringing value to the customer. From fence posts and accessories to farm buildings and furniture, we are very proudly Kiwi-owned and have built a solid reputation for providing high quality products for outdoor use.

We have purposely stuck to what we do best - being Outdoor Timber Specialists specialising in posts, poles, wire products, electric fencing, kitset farm buildings, treated sawn timber, treated plywood, outdoor furniture and a few important support products like cement, fasteners and tools.

We have wide range of options here at Goldpine, that we have developed over 40 years specifically for the outdoor timber market. Many of our options are exclusive to Goldpine and that means we can, and will, back our products from the store to your site and beyond.


Our products aren’t just backed by us either, we work with experts in the industry to get their take on the products and we develop with the customer in mind. We’re developing products for you, so we need to work with you!

From the traditional round post to our unique Superpost® range, as well as construction piling solutions, we have total confidence in the quality of the products we produce and sell. Being located in the Golden Downs forest in the heart of the Nelson region, we are able to source our wood from high density forests. This means we produce strong, durable posts, and we back them with a 50 year treatment guarantee.

Our highly trained team of Outdoor Timber Specialists are ready and waiting to talk to you about our wide range of options. Pop in store and challenge them to find you the best value for your project from the wide range of options we have here at Goldpine – because that’s their job!