April How-to Guide

Why have we done it? Well, we know it’s a busy time on the farm for many preparing for the winter ahead (along with countless other jobs), but with the relationships we have formed working with different people up and down the country we figured this was knowledge worth sharing. We know every job is different, and each farm has its different demands, but we’re hoping you can pick up a trick or two for your next fencing project.

How to setup a stay assembly

It’s always good to catch up with Allan, a fencing contractor from Canterbury. This time he shares his knowledge and tips for diagonal stay assemblies.

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How to plan out rails around a bend

Ever thought of curving rails?
It can be a tricky job but with
over 24 years of fencing experience, Nigel is just the bloke to share his technique to creating a fence line to be proud of.

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How to hang a gate

Third generation fencer Mat Cave makes hanging a swinging a gate look easy. Thankfully Mat is happy to share his knowledge and give us a few tips and tricks.

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How to tie off wire

John Noakes has built his reputation through delivering to a high standard on every job. There are many ways to tie off wire, John steps us through the process as he does it.

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