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A Shed for Generations

Located in Ballance on the Wairarapa side of the Manawatu Gorge, you will find a farm being run by a fifth and sixth generation family. Owners, Murray and Lynda Holdaway and their son Steve are dairy farmers on land that has been worked by their fore-fathers since 1886. With tradition and longevity clearly evident, it comes as no surprise to hear Murray talking about systems that last, working hard and products that stand the test of time. We spent some time with Murray and Steve recently, checking out the farm, having a look at their Strongbuilt® Shed and also the John Deere Gator Murray won when he purchased his shed last year.

Murray grew up on the farm and knows the run of the land like the back of his hand. He worked up through the share milking system and bought the farm in 1978 in partnership with his wife Lynda. Murray and Lynda have continued to develop the farm since taking ownership, which has included purchasing land that was originally part of the farm years ago. The farm is now 200 hectares, 20 percent of which is leased. It has a 150 hectare milking platform with the rest of the farm in hills which is used as run off and winter grazing.


Murray and Steve are milking over 400 cows and they have two additional farm workers to assist with the heavy workload. They are using a traditional grass based farming system, but they are finding they are increasingly filling feed deficits with purchased food. “Today’s cows can’t be underfed so we need to fill pasture deficits, but the key is to know when to stop feeding the supplements to make sure you use all the pasture because that is the cheapest form of feed.” Murray said.

Like the wider dairy industry, there are some challenges on the farm at the moment for Murray and Steve, however, it’s nothing that they, or for that matter their fore-fathers, have not faced before.

Murray explained he has always been a firm believer that farmers need to involve themselves more. “Knowing what’s happening beyond the farm gate and what’s going on in the market, not just on farm, will help them run their business.”


Being a fifth generation farmer, Murray has experienced first hand the importance of getting the right solution first time when it comes to systems, machinery and equipment needed for the farm. “Purchasing the right product or service at the outset is crucial”, Murray says, “buying a product that not only does the job but one that lasts, ensures you get the best value for your money.” This was no different when Murray needed a new farm building to be used as a workshop/implement shed and that would also be converted to a calf shed during spring.

“My criteria was quite simple really, I was looking for a strong robust shed made from quality materials and it needed to be bird proof”, Murray said.

After getting quotes from a few nationwide shed companies, Murray discussed his farm building needs with his builder. Murray’s builder recommended a Goldpine shed, as he had previously built these sheds and was impressed with the quality and strength of the materials Goldpine used in their buildings. So Murray spoke to the team at the local Goldpine store in Dannevirke.


“The service I received was excellent, the team at Goldpine listened carefully to what I needed, they explained their buildings were constructed using high density poles, strength verified timber and all the iron is New Zealand made to ensure their buildings were built to last” said Murray.
“Goldpine provided a very competitive quote, so in the end the decision was easy, a very strong shed and a great price is great value for money in my mind”.

A couple of weeks after confirming his order, Murray received a call from Gerard, the Goldpine Dannevirke Manager, to tell him he was the winner of the Goldpine “Win a Gator” promotion. “When I found out I had won the Gator I was happy as! Now I have strong, quality shed and a Gator for the farm. Fantastic!” Murray exclaimed. “As you can see the Gator gets a good work out around the farm, it is a brilliant machine.”


Click here for more Best Value stories Date posted: July 21st, 2016