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When fencing is in your blood

When you learn of Allan Vaughan’s background and upbringing, it’s no surprise he now runs his own fencing contractor business, Agri Fence. With Allan’s father, David, having been a fencing contractor in the North Island for many years, it’s safe to say that fencing is in Allan’s blood. In fact, with Allan’s 18 year old son Matt learning the trade whilst working for Agri Fence, it would also be safe to say that fencing’s in the family.

Originally from the North Island, but now based in Christchurch, it was almost mandatory for Allan to spend his school holidays helping his father, David, on the fence line, carrying out materials or ramming in posts. It was on these fence lines that Allan, not only learned the foundation of a great fence line, but also where he developed a passion for fencing. The “on the job” training provided by Allan’s father ensured that he had a great understanding of techniques and materials required to construct, not only a functional fence line, but also one that looks great. Allan’s father had a real attention to detail and a keen eye for a straight line – something that has rubbed off on Allan. Like his father, Allan is very particular about workmanship and quality.

Allan has been working as a fulltime fencer for the last seven and a half years. He previously worked for the highly respected fencing contractor, Keith Gaulter, where he was able to gain more experience and learn new fencing skills and techniques. Recently he has started his own business, Agri Fence, specialising in all types of rural fencing. Allan bases his offering on the quality of his workmanship and the personal relationships he works hard to develop with his customers. He has a wide variety of customers including sheep and beef farmers, dairy farmers and lifestyle block owners. This variety allows Allan to demonstrate his wide range of fencing skills, with different types of customers often requiring fencing specific to their needs.


As testament to the quality of Allan’s work, much of his work is often repeat business or has come from referrals by satisfied customers.

Allan gets great satisfaction from his job and he finds it both challenging and rewarding using his fencing knowledge and skills, to help solve a problem for a customer.

This could be something as simple as realigning an existing fence, improving stock flow, or even starting a dairy conversion with a blank sheet of paper. Allan says that the terrain and ground geology are the most important factors to be considered and ultimately this determines the type of fence to be built and materials to be used.


Allan said, “It’s best to walk the complete length of the fence line, noting any irregularities or special considerations, as this not only makes pricing of jobs more accurate, it also helps to eliminate the ‘surprises’ that you may have otherwise missed.

Allan has fenced in some very difficult locations around the Canterbury region; Banks Peninsula being a good example of this with some extremely remote and steep terrain.

“This can be quite ‘big’ country where fencing is very weather dependent.” Allan says, “Often it involves a lot of manual work with post hole borers, crow bars and shovels. The majority of materials can only be delivered so far by vehicle and then it’s all leg work. It’s a great test of your fitness and at the end of it, can only be described as an honest day’s work. Out in these remote locations, you gain a new found respect for those fencers that went before you as some of the fences out there must be nearing 100 years old.”

Allan stressed that your choice of materials is critical in any job.


He takes the stance of “if you’re going to do a job, do it right and use materials that can not only stand up to the conditions, but materials that will last. Goldpine’s Rounded Superpost is a great example of this,” Allan says, “these posts are the strongest I have ever used and give any fence line real integrity, especially when fencing in the alluvial gravels in Canterbury. Other posts just aren’t up to the job, regularly breaking or suffering malformation.”

Currently Allan is finding that demand for his services is strong and business confidence has not wavered from the previous year. He tells us that although there is plenty of competition in the fencing contractors’ market, he has found there will always be room for fencers who concentrate on quality. With Allan now passing on his skills and knowledge to his son, we can also be rest assured that quality fencing will be available in the Canterbury region for years to come.

Check out the Rounded Superpost Click here for more Best Value stories Date posted: July 21st, 2016