Renewable Resource

Forests are not just a renewable resource that’s good for the environment, they are also essential for our economy and our families. It’s no wonder we love our forests and love working in an industry that contributes so much in so many ways!

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Forests are essential for our environment

Forests perform critical functions relating to soil, water and the carbon cycle. An important part of our future will be determined by the use and management of NZ forests and as our forests grow so does our environment.
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Forestry is a huge part of the NZ economy

Seen by most as a huge export earner, the forestry industry provides employment opportunities for kiwis in both forestry and domestic timber processing providing economic benefit to regions right across New Zealand.
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Trees eat carbon

Using timber from certified renewable plantation forests is widely accepted as one of the main ways to combat the effects of global warming, something we’re more aware of nowadays than ever before.
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“One of the best ways to address climate change is to use more wood”

- Dr Patrick Moore, Forest Management:Part of the climate change solution.

Sustainable Resource

Responsibly managed plantation forests contribute to the environment, local employment and the economy - no wonder kiwis say ‘wood is good’ and use timber materials as a preference.
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We love our forests

New Zealand has 1.7 million hectares of highly productive, sustainably managed plantation forests. Recognising the pleasure that the forest environment offers, many forests are open to the public for recreation purposes such as cycling, running or simply walking and enjoying. Kiwi kids are truly blessed to have these wonderful forest playgrounds in which they can extend themselves physically whilst experiencing an intimate connection with the natural environment. We should love our forests for what they give us – and for the simple joy they can bring to all our lives.