Eco:oil - Goldpine

What's the eco:oil difference?

 Natural product

  • A completely natural product with no harsh chemicals or colouring pigments added.

 Transparent finish

  • A clear finish that highlights the timber’s grain.

Penetrates and protects

  • Penetrates deeply, reducing splitting and protecting timber from within.

UV protection

  • Added protection of zinc to help protect against prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Mould and mildew protection

  • Eucalyptus and pine oils protect against mould and mildew.

Caring for the environment

  • With no harmful chemicals added eco:oil™ is safe for people,
    animals and plants once dry.

Easy to apply

  • Easy to apply, with a pleasant citrus fragrance during application and curing. Suitable for use on all outdoor timber, furniture, decks, trellis and fencing.