Guide to Plywood Grades - Goldpine

Which plywood grade do I need?

CD (C face, D back)
Front face is C – all holes and splits filled and sanded. Holes should not exceed 50mm.
Intergrown knots should not exceed 50mm measured across the width of sheet.
This face grade is suitable for basic paint finish and is used in many structural applications – roofing, flooring, claddings, hoardings, formwork etc.
Back face is D – as per spec below.


DD (D face, D back)
Front and back face of sheet is D grade – unfilled holes allowed not exceeding 75mm measured across the width of sheet.
No limit on size and number of knots.
Open splits allowed up to 25mm.
This face grade is suitable in many structural applications also where open holes and knots are not an issue or are not seen – sheds, barns, bracing, bins, pallets, kennels, fencing etc.


DD non structural / 2nds
Non structural means individual veneers have not
met strength requirements of AS/NZ2269.
2nds have obvious defects such as edge gap, over size knots and holes.