Strongbuilt® Shed Options - Goldpine

Plenty of options to make your shed perfect for you!

Lean-to Sheds

Our Strongbuilt® Lean-to Sheds are a very popular choice within the range. Lean-to Sheds are typically used for hay and equipment storage or animal shelters and rearing. Lean-to Sheds have multitude of uses. With a slope of the roof falling from front to back, lean-tos are ideal for directing water to the rear of the shed and away from the opening and your valuables.


Gable Sheds

Our Strongbuilt® Gable Sheds are a great choice if you are looking for that traditional farm look. Gable sheds are great for calving pens, covered yards, storage and so much more. With the tallest part of the shed being in the middle and the roof sloping to the outside, a gable shed provides extra protection against the elements as well as providing more open space within the shed.


Lifestyle Barns

A Strongbuilt® Lifestyle Barn is a real multi-purpose building. A Lifestyle Barn includes:

  • Three enclosed bays,
  • Three roller doors with centre roller door being larger than two outside doors,
  • A person access door,
  • Spouting for water collection/removal, and
  • Flashings to give the barn a spectacular finish.