Fence Standards

Known by many names (including Waratah Standards, Star Pickets, Steel Y Posts), the Fence Standard has been used on farms for many years. Fence Standards are well known for their versatility and are used in many applications such as electric fencing, temporary fencing, formwork, survey peg – the potential applications are endless. The black coating on a Fence Standard is designed to provide protection and resistance against the environment.
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Strength and Durability

Manufactured from high grade steel which provides strength and durability, our range of ‘Hi Strength’ fence standards provide improved strength while offering the added benefit of a lighter section for ease of handling.

In Stock in Numbers

Due to the popularity and range of applications the Fence Standard has, you will find a range of sizes available in all Goldpine stores and we don’t just have a few in stock – we’ve got heaps!

Fence Standard Accessories

You will also find in store Fence Standard drivers and safety caps – everything you need to finish the Fence Standard job at hand.