GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® Barbed Wire is a low tensile 2.5mm barbed wire designed to protect your fence line from stock pressure, but also to withstand the sometimes harsh environment found in rural New Zealand.

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Superior Corrosion Resistance

GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® Barbed Wire has an innovative and technologically advanced coating. This coating, which is 90% zinc, 10% aluminium, provides corrosion resistance up to six times (yes that’s right six times) that of traditional galvanised wire with the same thickness coating and up to twice the resistance of a wire with the same thickness coating of 95% zinc, 5% aluminium.

Manufactured in NZ

GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® Barbed Wire is manufactured right here in New Zealand meaning it is barbed wire produced to the highest quality and standards.

Effective Deterrent

To be effective at keeping stock off your fence line, the barb spacing needs to be as narrow as possible. GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® Barbed Wire has a spacing of 75mm, which is the narrowest spacing available.

Exclusive to Goldpine

GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® Barbed Wire is available exclusively through Goldpine. Head down to your local Goldpine store today and check it out!