GOFENCE® KIWI COIL™ is a high tensile 2.5mm high tensile fencing wire and as the name suggests it is produced right here in New Zealand.

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Made for NZ farming conditions

GOFENCE® KIWI COIL™ wire has a 95% zinc – 5% coating aluminium and is made from virgin iron sand steel, sourced from New Zealand Steel in Auckland – this a fencing wire made for NZ farming conditions.

Produced and coiled in NZ

GOFENCE® KIWI COIL™ carries the WIREMARK brand giving you confidence that this is a product produced and coiled here in NZ.  This is a product that will not only run easy off your jenny, it is also a product designed to stand up to NZ conditions.

Exclusive to Goldpine

GOFENCE® KIWI COIL™ is available exclusively through Goldpine. Head down to your local store and check it out today.