At Goldpine we are always looking at ways to help our customers find solutions to difficulties they face day to day. The GOFENCE® Y Post range is now the most flexible available, with options to suit most applications. The GOFENCE® Y Posts have weight options, coating options, netting & wire fence attachment options.

Introducing the GOFENCE® Y POST Range

Some would say a Y POST is a Y POST. Well the GOFENCE® Y POST range will prove that the product needs to be appropriate for the job at hand.

Fit for purpose

The GOFENCE® range has the product for you. Whether it’s the strength to give you peace of mind or the price to simply get the job done, there will be something in the range.

Exclusive to Goldpine!

GOFENCE® is available exclusively through Goldpine. Head down to your local store and check it out today.