Retaining Walls

Here at Goldpine we have a range of retaining wall products to suit any requirement from the biggest structural timber retaining wall, to your home and garden needs. Having the widest range and choice, with options exclusive to Goldpine, means our Outdoor Timber Specialists are the right people to call, they’re here to find you the best value solution.
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High Density means stronger

Choosing Goldpine High Density Piles means you can get even more strength in your solution compared to low/medium density timber. Specifying Goldpine high density poles, may also allow you to get the same load and strength requirements you need from a smaller piece of timber, meaning it’s even better value.

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50-Year Treatment Guarantee

If any Goldpine roundwood product, which is used for its intended purpose, becomes unfit for use within 50 years of purchase due to fungal or insect attack, we will replace the product.

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"Timber piles were used as they were easily sourced, resistant to the corrosive environment, and able to be installed easily by local contractors which resulted in timber being a very cost effective solution."

– Simon Hall – Jerram Tocker Barron Architects