This is the ideal choice for beef farmers, boundary fences, and anywhere you need the strongest post. The MAX® is a great example of innovation combined with practicality.
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Introducing the MAX®

Introduced to provide our customers with even more options when looking for a strong, solid post, the MAX® gives you just that….maximum strength with posts that don’t just look great, but come with all of our Superpost® guarantees.

Stronger than the equivalent full round

Strength testing has proven that Goldpine high density Superposts® are significantly stronger than a similar size round. Their durability and strength is due to the selection of mature, high density wood with Superposts® being cut from further down the tree.

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MAX is the post for me

“Traditionally being a 6’ round user, I thought I’d give the MAX a try. After such ease of driving and with no breakages, I am happy to say for further development, MAX is the post for me.”

Easy to handle

Smooth, curved edges mean the Rounded Superpost MAX looks like a round, is easy to handle and gives 360° attachment options

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Sizing Information

All Goldpine Superposts® are also graded at a mid-range point along the post, if this measurement is smaller than the small end measurement, it will become the grading point. The average measurement is taken from both sides of the Superpost® which is then related to the specifications below for grading.

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