Vineyard Superpost®

Being a Kiwi owned and operated company for almost 40 years, Goldpine knows a thing or two about making posts and poles that are up to the job. The Vineyard Superpost®, a member of the wider Superpost® range, is a multi-purpose post suitable for use in vineyards and orchards. The Vineyard Superpost® is strong and durable - a necessity in the vineyard and orchard environment.
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High strength. Great value.

A combination of rounded edges and high strength provides great durability which results in low driving and harvest breakages.

360° attachment options

Smooth, curved edges mean the Vineyard Superpost® looks like a round, is easy to handle and gives 360º attachment options.

“I have successfully used Goldpine’s Vineyard Superpost in recent developments and I have been really impressed with the way they handle and the way they have driven."

– Jason Tripe – Managing Director, JTC Viticulture