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GOFENCE® Steel Tread-in Posts


GOFENCE® Steel Tread-in Posts

The GOFENCE® range of Steel Tread-In Posts ensures you have the right product for your needs.

Heavy Duty Steel Multiwire Post

Measuring 1,100mm in total length, these posts sit 900mm above the ground. Eight insulator positions on the post provide maximum versatility for your wire/tape height. They come supplied with pre-positioned insulators: three small and one large (top).

Pigtail Post

The extra-long top pigtail insulator provides insulated handling grip, making them easy to move. Measuring 840mm in total length, these posts sit 760mm above the ground.

Versatile and Superior Design

They’re made from 6.3mm galvanised high tensile (HT) steel for superior strength. They’re lightweight for ease of handling and come with a tough metal foot permanently crimped into position.

Exclusive to Goldpine

The GOFENCE® Steel Tread-In Posts are available exclusively through Goldpine. Head down to your local store and check it out today.