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Over 40 years' experience in the outdoor timber business has ensured that Goldpine have a wide range of options in many categories, a lot of which are exclusive to Goldpine. Our team of Outdoor Timber Specialists are experts at taking you through our options to find you the best value.

Permanent or temporary electric fencing

We have a full range of electric fencing products available in store. Energizers, insulators, reels, cable and tape plus a whole lot more — whether it is a permanent or temporary electric fence you are constructing we have all the components to make your fence line "hot".


We have one of the widest range of energizers available, including mains powered, battery powered and solar powered units. However the energizer is powered, it is crucial to choose the right size energizer that will not only control the stock but do it efficiently. Come in and talk to one of our Specialists today and they will help find the right energizer solution for you.

"Having such range and choice at Goldpine ensures you get the best value for your money. The product is always in stock, supplied on time and the team at Goldpine are always available to provide advice and assistance."

— Nigel Higgins — N&T Higgins Fencing

Make Sure You Insulate

To contain the electricity in your fence line and stop earthing you need the right insulators on your posts. A full range of insulators are available at Goldpine in a choice of packet sizes.

Reels and Standards

For break feeding or for a temporary fence we have all the reels and standards you could need. We even have pre constructed, temporary electric fence lines and gates available which really do provide an "off the shelf" solution.