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STRONGBUILT® Custom Design

Everybody has different needs and wants — this is no different when it comes to farm buildings.

Strongbuilt® Custom Design Specialists

We have Farm Building Specialists and a team of designers & engineers at the ready to help design your shed, exactly to your requirements. Each custom designed farm building utilises the same high quality components specified in our standard range.

Design to fit your needs

We have a huge range of standard lean-to, gable and lifestyle barn designs which are pre-engineered, drawn and ready to go. If you can't find something that suits your needs within this range, we also offer a custom design service to ensure you get exactly what you want or need.

"The quality of the design, strength and shape of the building suits its purpose very well. The Goldpine team were very supportive of my concept and ideas. They did a great job drawing it up."

— Harry Schat — Canterbury


STRONGBUILT® Custom Design

We have a huge range of farm buildings available at Goldpine, across 2 different brands, allowing you to pick the best product for the job.

For the size and specs of our farm buildings we have provided some information below as to the typical measurements, but these are fully customisable. We can work to your exact requirements.


  • Lean-to - mono-pitch roof slopes from front to back
  • Gable – tallest part of the shed is in the middle and slopes in two directions to the outside
  • Lifestyle barn – similar to an American style barn


  • 6.0m
  • 7.0m
  • 9.0m
  • 12.0m


We have given some of the typical heights below:

  • 6-7m deep farm building
    • Lean-to
      • 3.6-3.0m
      • 4.2-3.6m
    • Gable
      • 3.6-3.0m
      • 4.2-3.6m
  • 9m deep farm building
    • Lean-to
      • 3.9-3.0m
      • 4.5-3.6m
    • Gable
      • 3.6-3.0m
      • 4.2-3.6m
  • 12m deep farm building
    • Lean-to
      • 4.5-3.3m
    • Gable
      • 3.6-3.0m
      • 4.2-3.6m


The width of your shed is commonly referred to in bays. The bays are created between the upright poles. You can have as many bays as you wish but we have 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-bay farm buildings in our standard range.

The bays are also available at a range of widths:

  • 3.6m
  • 4.0m
  • 4.5m
  • 4.8m

These are also customisable if you so please.

It is possible to span up to a 15.0m range but this is dependant on many variables of the farm building and the environment.

For a different option, also see our range of Ned's Sheds.

While we do have a set of typical sizes for farm building, we can also regularly custom build our farm buildings to your needs.


STRONGBUILT® Custom Design



Find out more about our Strongbuilt Shed range.


STRONGBUILT® Custom Design

Ensure that every detail on your shed fits perfectly!

Coloursteel Colour Options:

  • Lignite
  • Karaka
  • Grey Friars
  • Lichen
  • New Denim Blue
  • Permanent Green
  • Scoria
  • Desert Sand
  • Pioneer Red
  • Titania
  • Ironsand
  • Sandstone Grey


STRONGBUILT® Custom Design

Plenty of options to make your shed perfect for you!

You are provided with clear and precise plans that have easy to follow construction details and simple connections, all delivered to your building site.

Lean-to Sheds

Our Strongbuilt® Lean-to Sheds are a very popular choice within the range, and are typically used for hay and equipment storage or animal shelters and rearing. Lean-to Sheds also have a multitude of uses — with the slope of the roof falling from front to back, they are ideal for directing water to the rear of the shed and away from the opening and your valuables.

Gable Sheds

Our Strongbuilt® Gable Sheds are a great choice if you are looking for that traditional farm look. Gable sheds are great for calving pens, covered yards, storage and so much more. With the tallest part of the shed being in the middle and the roof sloping to the outside, a gable shed provides extra protection against the elements as well as providing more open space within the shed.

Lifestyle Barns

A Strongbuilt® Lifestyle Barn is a real multi-purpose building. A Lifestyle Barn includes:

  • three enclosed bays,
  • three roller doors with centre roller door being larger than two outside doors,
  • a personal access door,
  • spouting for water collection/removal,


STRONGBUILT® Custom Design

Help along the way!

We have a team of Farm Building Specialists that are here to help you along the way. We know that the idea of a farm building can be somewhat daunting and we want to make it as easy as possible. From the first contact, we will work with you to find the best solution to fit your needs. Whether it's cover for farm machinery, a home for young stock or something a bit different, our team are here to help you find the solution.

We even provide checklists and details on the consent process to try and ease some of the pressures. It's what we do! So if you're interested to know how it all works, contact us today and we can take you through the steps to get your own Farm Building.


STRONGBUILT® Custom Design

Let’s see the site

We have a team of Farm Building Specialists that are distributed throughout the stores around the country and they love getting on site. This is a huge benefit because then we can actually get to know the job properly. While we can work directly from instructions to plan you your own Farm Building, where appropriate, we believe a site visit helps us understand the site, including where the shed will be built.

The environment will help us in the design to ensure the building is specified correctly and all the features are in the right place. It might even help choosing between a lean-to and a gable. So if you think this is right for you, please ask our team and we'll be on site to work with you!