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1.2m Kennels

Designed to provide ideal comfort and security for your dog all year round, the ecoliving® Dog Kennel is built strong and is easy to move around.

Perfect Protection

The ecoliving® 1.2m Dog Kennel is double skinned to keep your best mate warm, dry and protected from the elements.

Smart & Functional

The ecoliving® 1.2m Dog Kennel is easy to move around and features a rear door that makes cleaning a breeze. It also has edge protection on the iron to keep your dog safe.


1.2m Kennels

We are proud to announce we have several options in our kennel range; from the residential look through to kennels appropriate for a working dog.

The 1.2m kennel dimensions are as follows:

  • Curved Roof
    • 0.8m high
    • 0.9m wide
    • 1.2m long

These are proudly made at Goldpine and exclusively sold through our stores. If you would like to view one, please pop into one of our stores.