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GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® Wire is a high tensile 2.5mm fencing wire designed to make fencing easier, that is fantastic to work with and designed to withstand the sometimes harsh environment found in rural New Zealand. This farm fencing is made to last!

Superior Corrosion Resistance

GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® Wire has an innovative and technologically advanced coating. This coating, which is 90% zinc, 10% aluminium, provides corrosion resistance up to six times (yes that's right six times) that of traditional galvanised wire with the same thickness coating and up to twice the resistance of a wire with the same thickness coating of 95% zinc, 5% aluminium.

Easy To Handle

GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® Wire not only comes in the traditional 650m coil but also in an easy to handle 500m coil which provides some relief when you are lugging coils on and off.

Great To Work With

The unique make up of GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® Wire makes it very malleable which means it's great to work with when constructing new fence lines — taking some of the stress out of fencing.

Exclusive to Goldpine

GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® Wire is available exclusively through Goldpine. If you want a high tensile fence wire that is easy to handle and great to work with and a wire that will stand up to the toughest conditions, ensuring your fence line will last, then grab some GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® Wire today!



Our GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® Wire has been developed with the customer for a best result in end use. Our Wire comes in a range of sizes:

  • GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® 2.5mm HT Wire x 1000m (38.5kg)
  • GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® 2.5mm HT Wire x 500m (19.30kg)
  • GOFENCE® ENDURANCE® 2.5mm HT Wire x 650m (25kg)

For assistance on the best product for your needs, please contact one of our Outdoor Timber Specialists.





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