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Terms of Sale

Goldpine’s many guarantees are designed to ensure your satisfaction with our quality products and service. For more information on any of our Guarantees, or to speak to us in person call 0800 2 GOLDPINE. All goods and services supplied by Goldpine Industries Limited (“Goldpine”, “we”, “us” or “our”) to the Customer (“the Customer”, “you” or “your”) are supplied on the basis set out in these terms.

1. Terms of Payment

  • For account purchases, the balance of the purchase price is to be paid by the 20th of the month following invoice unless special terms of payment have been agreed in writing (Credit Cards or Trade Cards are not accepted). You may not withhold payment or make any deductions from amounts owing without our prior written consent. Goldpine may allocate any payment made by or on behalf of the Customer as Goldpine sees fit. The Customer waives any right to receive notification of that allocation.
  • For all payment types other than through a Goldpine account, payment must be made before goods can leave Goldpine premises or be dispatched.
  • Errors or omissions made by us in any pricing, quoting or invoicing are subject to correction by us.
  • Deposits received by us from you are non-refundable on cancellation of the order. However, orders may be cancelled with full refund of monies paid for such goods when goods have not been delivered by us after three months have elapsed past the estimated delivery date. A minimum deposit payment of 10% of quoted price is required for acceptance of a Kitset Shed.
  • Without prejudice to any other rights, we may set off any debts or liabilities of you to us against any monies payable by us to you.

2. Delivery

  • Any time stated for delivery is an estimate only and Goldpine is not liable for any delay in delivery however caused.
  • Goldpine reserves the right to not deliver goods when there is insufficient credit facility on your account to invoice the order.
  • Delivery of all goods will be deemed to be completed upon collection of the goods by you, or delivery of the goods to you or to a carrier nominated by you (as applicable).

3. Risk and Ownership

  • Risk in respect of all goods passes to you when delivery of the goods is deemed to have been completed under clause 2.3.
  • Ownership of all goods remains with Goldpine until payment is received in full in respect of those goods.
  • While under Goldpine ownership, Goldpine representatives may enter the premises where the goods are stored at any time and remove them. Goldpine will not be responsible for any loss, damage or costs which arise as a result of such entry and repossession. Goldpine may resell the goods to recover any outstanding debt owed by you.

4. Returns

  • We may at our discretion accept returns. All returns must be made within seven days of delivery or such longer term as we may agree in writing.
  • We will only accept returned goods which are part of our usual stock in trade and not custom made for the Customer, and only if the following conditions are met: (i) The goods are in the same repair and condition as when supplied (ii) The invoice for the goods is produced or identified (iii) The Customer shall pay all costs in relation to the return of the goods.

5. Warranties and Liability

  • Where the goods are being acquired for the purpose of a business, the statutory guarantees under the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993 do not apply to the contract. In the event those statutory guarantees apply to the contract, these terms will be interpreted subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.
  • Defective goods or goods that do not comply with the contract will at our discretion be repaired or replaced, or the price refunded at our option. Goldpine’s liability in respect of all goods and services is limited to this repair, replacement or refund, and Goldpine will not be liable (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) in respect of any other loss, injury or damage suffered by you, howsoever arising.
  • Without limiting clause 5.2, any liability that Goldpine may have in respect of goods and services supplied to you shall nevertheless be limited to the price of the goods or services under the relevant invoice to which the goods or services giving rise to a claim relate.
  • Any right that you may have to reject non-conforming or defective goods or services shall only be effective if you notify us in writing within 30 days following delivery or performance and we are given the opportunity to inspect the goods or the site where the services were performed (as relevant). You agree to return any such goods at your expense.
  • Except for any written warranties given by us to you, all warranties and representations (including those expressed or implied by law) in respect of goods and services supplied are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

6. Default

  • If you do not pay the balance of the purchase price by the due date, default interest will be payable by you at a rate of 5% per annum above the overdraft rate from time to time charged by Goldpine’s bank, calculated on a daily basis on the unpaid proportion of the price from the due date until payment is made in full, both before and after judgement.
  • In the event of payment not being made by the due date Goldpine shall be entitled to take all or any of the following steps without prejudice to any other right or remedy: (i) Suspend or terminate the contract (without prejudice to any party’s rights or liabilities which accrued prior to suspension or termination) (ii) Take such steps as it considers necessary to recover outstanding amounts (iii) Recover from the Customer any discount given on the unpaid goods or services.
  • We are entitled to recover from you all legal and other costs incurred by Goldpine arising from the collection of the outstanding amount owing, or late payment, non-payment or other breach of these terms by you.

7. Miscellaneous

  • The Customer acknowledges that through its acceptance of these terms, the Customer grants a security interest (by virtue of the retention of title set out in these terms) to Goldpine in all goods supplied by Goldpine to the Customer. If the goods are priced over $2000 we may require a separate Purchase Security Agreement (PSA) to be completed and registered before the goods are supplied. We may take possession of the goods to perfect or re-perfect our security interest. You agree to provide all information and assistance to allow Goldpine to register, maintain and enforce its security interest.
  • Goldpine may refuse at any time and without reason to sell goods on credit to the Customer.
  • Goldpine may from time to time amend these terms and conditions by positing to the address for service of the Customer a written set of these amended terms. The Customer and any Guarantors agree that the amended terms shall be effective upon posting and are deemed accepted by the Customer and any Guarantors by the Customer placing any order after the date of posting.
  • The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply to, and is expressly excluded from, these terms.


Supply of Kitset Sheds

All goods and services supplied by Goldpine Industries Limited (“Goldpine”, “we”, “us” or “our”) to the Customer (“the Customer”, “you” or “your”) are supplied on the basis set out in the terms of sale.

Where we agree to supply kitset sheds and/or construct a shed or other building for you, the following terms also apply.

1. Patents, copyright and technical information

  • Ownership of all intellectual property rights in all drawings, specifications and other technical information provided or used by us in connection with the contract is vested exclusively in us.
  • Any technical information or knowledge at any time transmitted either orally or in writing by Goldpine to you will remain Goldpine’s exclusive property and will be treated confidentially by you. None of this information may be re sold, transferred or divulged to any party by you or on your behalf without our written consent.
  • If requested by Goldpine, you must promptly return any information, samples, literature or promotional material supplied by or on behalf of Goldpine to you.

2. Delivery

  • Delivery of the kitset shed and/or building must be available to be taken within 2 months of order confirmation. If delivery is not available to be taken within this time, Goldpine reserves the right to re-price the kitset shed and/or building order.

3. Material Supplied

  • We will supply plans, specifications, producer statement, H5 treated poles, H3 treated rafters, purlins, girts, roofing and flashings (if requested), cladding as specified, all fixings required, spouting if specified, and delivery to site (within a 30km radius of Goldpine premises).

4. Building (if contracted by Goldpine)

  • The building will remain insured through Goldpine until completion and it is handed over to you.
  • During the construction process, the building site will remain a hazard site and will not be used by you or your employees, agents or contractors, until completed and handed to you. You must ensure that you comply with all of our health and safety requirements in respect of the site.
  • You will supply at your expense: suitable access to building site at all times, all necessary amenities, safe storage on site.
  • Construction will include foundation holes and footings but does not include: site works, storm water disposal, building consents or fees, changes from the plans or extra materials (which must be obtained or arranged at your sole expense).


Terms of Sale

Goldpine’s many guarantees are designed to ensure your satisfaction with our quality products and service. For more information on any of our Guarantees, or to speak to us in person call 0800 2 GOLDPINE. All goods and services supplied by Goldpine Industries Limited (“Goldpine”, “we”, “us” or “our”) to the Customer (“the Customer”, “you” or “your”) are supplied on the basis set out in these terms.